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Harold Howard’s Painting Service offers a variety of services for your home. No job is too small or too large – paint removal, prep work, deck refinishing, or faux-finished touches, we can handle it all. Our painting crew is courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable in all of our service areas.

We Provide the Best in Quality Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed with over 20 Plus years of Experience. CALL NOW!

Our mission at Harold Howard’s Painting Service is to service your painting needs with master painters, quality supplies, and dedicated customer service.


When you contact us we will arrange an appointment to assess your project, provide your with a no obligation quote, and when you are ready our experienced, professional painters will begin work on your painting project when it is convenient for you.

What can you look forward to in working with Harold Howard?

  • Being contacted quickly to review your requirements and provide you with a FREE estimate
  • Courteous, professional painting specialists trained to provide a broad range of painting solutions and want you 100% satisfied with their service.
  • Convenient appointments arranged to fit your busy schedule – including Saturday appointments.
  • Extra attention will be paid to trouble spots and state-of-the-art products will be used to deliver quality painting services you want.
  • No hidden charges
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens next?

A professional painting contractor will contact you to discuss your painting project in more detail.  This individual is in the business of painting homes in your area and will be able to review your painting project and provide you an estimate.  Assuming you agree, a date will be arranged to begin the project.

Painting contractors begin by determining your needs so they can design the best strategy for tackling your painting project.  We are in the business of painting homes, but finding the best solution given your needs, is our primary concern.

All consultations we provide are always complimentary, whether we come to an agreement or not.

  •  What do you do with the information I submit?

All the information you share with us is confidential and will only be shared with the painting contractor designated to paint homes in your area.

Why not paint the house myself?

Choosing a paint that doesn’t fit the application or applying it incorrectly can lead to higher costs and mistakes that take inordinate amounts of time to undo.

Painting contractors specialize in identifying and addressing common specification and application blunders before starting a painting project, and can help optimize the performance of paints and coatings.

  •  Do you charge a fee to provide an estimate for my paint job?

We never charge a fee provide an estimate for your painting project.

If I fill out and submit a form containing information about my painting project, am I obligated in any way?

There is never any obligation.  If you send in your information form, and let us provide an estimate, you still have no obligation to allow us to complete the project.  We are just interested in the opportunity to give you an estimate.

  • Will you really paint my house?

We paint all types of homes.  The size, age, and type are not important.  We are experts20at painting and refinishing all types of residential and commercial buildings using a variety of techniques.

  • How much money can I expect to pay for my painting project?

There are many factors to consider when determining painting costs.

Condition of surface, size of project, and the complexity of the refinishing itself all factor into the price of the project.

You can feel confident when you deal with our professional painting contractors that you will get a fair offer reflective of what the market is bearing at the time you are planning your project.

  •  How do you determine the amount you will charge for my painting project?

There are many things to consider including the condition of your paint surfaces, the extent and cost of the painting and refinishing required, and how fast you need the project completed.

  • Who uses your services?

We work with anybody who wants to paint their property.  We are experienced in painting both residential and commercial properties and pride ourselves in delivering high-quality painting services quickly to you specifications.

  • What do you mean by “Any Condition”?

We paint homes regardless of condition.  If the area requires some renovation prior to the painting project we will either assist you in completing the renovation or help you connect with a contractor who can prior to beginning your project.  You are able to move along with your plans as soon as we agree on the details

  • How long will it take to paint my house?

The process can take as little as 3-4 days from the time we connect with you.  However, it can take longer depending on the condition of your surfaces, the type of work required, and weather conditions if the project involves exterior work.

During our consultation with you, we will evaluate your situation and let you know how long we think it will take to complete your painting project.

  •  What is the benefit of working with you?

The best thing about working with me is that it doesn’t cost you anything.  If you need to complete a paint job in a hurry, we always arrange for a painting contractor to contact you right away.

Our objective is to please all of our customers with a professional and helpful approach to completing their painting project.  Helping you complete your paint job is not only good for you; we realize it benefits us too.

  •  Do you only paint houses?

No, in addition to residential property we paint all types of commercial property.  Our customers range from people like you to small business owners and large corporations.

A superior experience – before, during, and after your purchase!



Why choose Harold Howard’s Painting Service

We also include 24/7 Emergency Service, Fully Insured/Bonded, References Available, Night Work Available, Detail Oriented Work, No Claims or Complaints Filed, MD Home Improvement Commission, No Job Too Small or Too Large, We love to oversee your entire project and mangage the overall project as the General Contractor.